One of the greatest pleasures in life is encountering resistance, being knocked off my game, then realizing it doesn’t matter because we’re tiny specks in a incomprehensibly vast reality.

This opens me to resignation, then satisfaction, then optimism, then surety.  Because if nothing matters, why not hope for the best, work towards lasting fulfillment, and—most important of all—enjoy the moment?

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree in certain area’s resistance is spurring where goals are concerned! Unless like me resisting urges to expression and nurturing the needs of your own personal links compounds your intellect to that of a torrent sensual demon! Here lies parliamentarian supernatural savant! Died fulfilling her passions! Lol what do you mean i did not die wh is that in the coffin? Death “WELL DONE DAUGHTER – ALL THOSE 1 %ERS FINALLY FOUND THEMSELVES A BODY FOR THE EVENTS OF THEIR LAST LIFE!” Discworld with six kids and no adult toys, this sucks! oh well a billion other ways to die i think i will write a book! lol

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