I used to think the best revenge was a measure of success, but everyone has a different measure of what constitutes success.  Those who hate you will bide their time until you hit a rough spot so they can ridicule your hardships.

Rather than obsess over success or failure, I think it’s way better to be as happy as possible.  Life is too short to be drawn into a petty game of meaningless one-upmanship.  Even if you are “successful,” it doesn’t matter if you aren’t happy.

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16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Agreed! 🙂 It is hard to be happy if one lives in desolate places like on the crumbling banks of the River of Revenge, no matter how great your life seems to be compared to the people one is trying to one-up.

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  2. Challenges can make you happy. Competition just to be better than someone else usually doesn’t fill the happy spot. Success or failure is not wholly relevant if you’re enjoying the challenge. Vengeance comes when your enemies have nothing – reason or otherwise – for which to attack you. Happiness is two-fold in that aspect. If you’re happy, then your enemies might just find you untouchable… thus, the vengeance. But if you’re happy, then who cares about having the vengeance?

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  3. What is success? Is it earning a lot of money, achieving promotion, getting into Oxbridge?
    Or is it bettering your last efforts, living a good life, helping others?
    As an ec-teacher, it could be said I wasn’t successful because I didn’t get to the top. But many pupils thanked me for helping them achieve their best.
    As an author, some might say I wasn’t successful because I haven’t hit the best seller lists. But I’ve written 9 books and been taken up by a small publisher. The fact I finished those books is success.
    And the most important af all is happiness. You can’t be happy if you are judging success by others.

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  4. If you’re truly happy while doing what you’re doing, then nobody can tell you that you’re not successful. Love this post. I’m a new blogger. Started just three days back. Thank you for supporting by liking my post. Followed you. If you want you can check out my other posts as well. Let’s stay connected. All the love.😇🌻

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  5. “Success” is a moving target. Some days waking up is success. Or an attaboy for your effort. Not drooling in public. Finding out your credit is good enough to get you out of a clunker. A four million dollar house. New insoles for 30 year old cowboy boots. Feeding yourself. Making it to the shitter before the deuce drops… so yeah, appreciating the full moon, air, an old friend, that’s the good stuff. The rat race only generates more rats.

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