A new Strained Brains podcast with me and Burt, Part 1 of 5, is UP!

Burt’s snake hunting dreams, steroids, growing tits.  This one was recorded on October 3.  Check it out here:  Strained Brains  Part 1 of 5

In Strained Brains, I interview my best buddies, alternative medicine practitioners, military “elite,” a massage therapist who grew up in the third world and started a thriving business in America, along with a whole lot more!  Give it a listen by following the links on this page: Strained Brains Podcast.

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6 thoughts on “A new Strained Brains podcast with me and Burt, Part 1 of 5, is UP!

  1. I love your voice man.

    On the resonance stuff / “altering your mental state by audio frequencies” – I’ve never really connected with it as something to reach through a silence. I dumb down my noise, sure, and then in the slow, contemplative moments it always seems like there’s life out there. Maybe I already hooked up with the world sound without knowing? I’m also not sure if it’s a sound for me though. More like a general sense of thingness. Resonance, yeah. Hahaha. Very weird, very positive, mostly. I don’t know. I don’t give it enough attention to analyse what’s going on afterward. Fucking SS looking into this stuff though. Makes you wonder what weird experiments they have going on these days.

    I prefer mediation by doing rather than by staying still. The world is full of movement, not immobile particles/energies (I’m not sure there is anything that’s truly immobile?). Tightrope balancing, running, climbing trees and rocks, working with your hands, fucking, sometimes, though I’m a bit of a squealer so not always.

    All this said though, going up the top of a foggy mountain (we call them crags) in Cumbria in the north of the UK, it’s really quiet, no trees, you often have this mossy turf there that you can lie in to feel safe, and it becomes rolling hillside with little waterfalls. That’s an amazing place to meditate/lose yourself/find yourself. And no bears.

    (P.S. desperately need to try some mushrooms. I’m super jealous. Ritual ayahuasca idk though – we got our own pagan rituals out here)

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