Sometimes, our beliefs trap us in a perceptual prison.  While we may logically understand that something is possible, our belief in that possibility is far too small to tap our subconscious capacity.

But the good news is we can alter those beliefs by consistently thinking in the direction we want.  This is a slow, gradual process, but that’s not a bad thing.  Given our tendency to think negative thoughts, we have plenty of time (before negativity translates into physical misfortunes) to nullify their effects with a positive mindset.

Personally, I feel that it isn’t a one-to-one ratio; we don’t need to think one positive thought for each negative.  And for that I’m grateful—despite my overwhelming majority of negative thoughts, I have achieved positive results with just a little bit of hope and optimism.

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12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So, having a set of beliefs can stunt our imagination and open-mindedness? I have to agree. As a person who considers that there is a difference between fact and truth, I definitely understand how beliefs can color perception of the facts and create limited truths. I also agree that beliefs can be changed to allow for additional facts, and maybe, just maybe we can get closer to a point where there is no difference between facts and truth (by my definition of the two terms, of course).

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  2. Sadly, many people will ignore truths and facts if they go against their beliefs. We have to have an open mind and a willingness to change our beliefs–a thing many people find difficult.

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  3. “our belief in that possibility is far too small to tap our subconscious capacity.” This line hurts my brain a bit. Do you mean we don’t know how to think big enough or as big as our subconscious already holds access to?? I wonder will we ever reach the full capacity of our subconscious while still in these bodies?

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    • It means that often, we may acknowledge something is possible, but we don’t give it a true benefit of a doubt. The feeling beneath that acknowledgment is pessimism, which encourages us to subconsciously close ourselves off from the possibility, rather than open-mindedness, which would subconsciously allow us to appraise it without judgment.

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