We are caught in the throes of an ever-expanding existence, destined to forge our own meaning from a sea of outcomes.

Fortunately, we are given the limitations of time and space.  They encourage us to walk in certain directions, ensuring we aren’t overwhelmed by a deluge of choices.

This game called life comes with a definite end-date.  Personally, I believe that death leads to something transcendent and beautiful and unconditionally forgiving.  I don’t think of it as a looming tyrant, but an inevitable release.

In other words, we are doomed to happiness.

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12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. One must wonder at what is beyond the end of our lives. I share the optimism of DSFB to some degree. I believe that our… spirit… moves on to somewhere else where our experiences are welcomed. In turn, we benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of the many other lifetimes that others have brought when they reach that somewhere else.
    If that is not true, and the lights truly just go out, then we’re simply not going to be aware of it. Either way, it ends. Either way there is no harm.

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  2. “Fortunately, we are given the limitations of time and space. They encourage us to walk in certain directions, ensuring we aren’t overwhelmed by a deluge of choices.”
    Makes me think first of a poem I read years ago about how limitations can actually be very comforting because they guide us. Wish I could remember what that poem was…
    Secondly of The Silmarillion and how the elves were total procrastinators because they felt they had forever and then mankind came along and was like “Right. Are we going to take care of this shit or what?”

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  3. That sounds nice. Does this idea make you live life less fully? Like believing that death is an inevitable release isn’t a great motivator to stick around. How ever much I selfishly want you here and writing (so I can read it) and living a full and healthy life, I do wonder how this effects your daily habits and life choices.

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