I used to hoard “evidence,” making the case for this or that based on a jenga tower of past experience.  I grew increasingly frustrated as irony reared its ugly head—most of the time, my well-laid plans turned out far differently than I initially expected.

So now, the evidence appears to indicate that plans are useful for charting a course, but unreliable for securing an outcome.  Personally, it’s much more important to enjoy what comes as it arises, and fully appreciate what’s in front of me.  That’s what mystics/sages have supposedly said since time immemorial.

And THAT evidence seems to have been there all along.  I just wasn’t looking in any of the right places.

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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree with you; however, I see it as a process and not a single event. I don’t see it as a eureka moment. In my experience, you have to go through the steps you mention to reach the self-awareness needed to choose to enjoy life come what may. Cheers, and thanks.

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  2. “plans are useful for charting a course, but unreliable for securing an outcome” That right there is a flash version of a writing (or living or any activity) guide. A “buying bullets does not necessarily mean you’ll hit the target” kind of outlook.

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