Did we come into being to suffer and toil?  To sacrifice and endure within a limited set of physical senses?  Outwardly, that seems to be the case.

But inwardly, it seems that mystics and luminaries say we needn’t be bound by drudgery and pain, and that in point of fact, we never actually were.  If you poke around the edges of their perplexing writings, they seem to imply that our inward state will eventually reflect into outward circumstances.

Even if this isn’t true in a magical sense, it certainly is in a psychological one.  Our subconscious beliefs shape our perception and outcomes.  Watch Derren Brown’s mentalist feats.  He’ll give you physical proof of this.

But maybe—just maybe—it actually is magic.  Maybe it’s the foundation of every miracle.

I have to admit, I’m biased towards that outlandish possibility.  If you measure the world by action, karma, or some unknowable quantification of heavenly or hellish behavior, life funnels down into a giant transaction where I fret and worry, obsessed over the impact of every little deed and its future ramifications.  Why would we volunteer for a game where we know so little and receive such harsh punishment?

It all comes together when I let myself relax and appreciate my present circumstances (if not the pleasure, then at least the potential).  When I feel the flow of transcendent awareness, I really don’t care about all that other stuff I just described.  I don’t have to figure out The Big Answer.

Because I’m living it.

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