It’s easy to believe we’re in a desperate contest, struggling to trade damage for wins.  It’s hard to remember we’re in a game—that just by virtue of what we can detect, we are rendered insignificant in the best possible way (if you put any stock in sages, mystics, or psychedelics).

Once we remember that life is a game, once we open up to its lack of urgency, an underlying benevolence begins to unfold.  It doesn’t have to show in words, facial expressions, or be apparent to anybody but yourself.  It can ease your travel without anyone knowing, even when the world is seemingly falling apart.  It’s where power, creativity, and unconditional positivity grow and flow.

As a singular consciousness, that benevolence is your inalienable birthright.  Eventually, I believe everyone will find their way to it—remember they ARE it—and that they’re heading towards that realization at this very moment.

In the meantime, no one needs to know about It unless they ask, because it’s only then when they open their eyes to the possibility of Its existence.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This makes sense and my only concern would be in losing that sense of urgency. Would I get anything done without it? Not that I disagree. I agree very much. I think this type of understanding can give an individual a subtle confidence. A stoic stance fluidly which can be profound to others outside of the individual but internally it can be almost monotonous. Which I guess would the stoic individual the energy to focus on more important matters. But then what?

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    • In my opinion sense of urgency is a good place to start–especially for those who are swayed easily by cravings–but it’s an unsatisfying place to stay. I think once someone experiences the satisfaction of being able to motivate themselves through displeasure, they should start training themselves to seek pleasure through circumstances that aren’t immediately pleasurable.

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