I take great pleasure in a state of 100% belief—when I’m deep in the zone, and I know what’s going to happen.  But if I can’t get there, I relax into the truth that everything I do is just a game, destined to fade in the river of time.

Both approaches lack resistance.  They allow me to appreciate the present moment, and the greater flow that lies beneath it.

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11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Interesting. We should all try to live in the moment, but not so much as to ignore the future. We should also remember the past so as not to continua to make the same mistakes over ond over.
    This applies o nations as well as individuals.

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  2. I love this idea… that is so helpful, thank you for sharing it. It’s so funny, you know those 16 personality things with the four binary options? My T or F was an F. I was just wondering today what blogging would be like if it were a T. Your self-maxim feels like a T-type process to me. That’s why it’s so helpful. Thanks again. May the force remain with you. :))

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      • 🤨😬 Failing so far. :)) Still love a knight in shining armour. Though episode 9 was my absolute favourite. The whole last trilogy was good. Love the new gal star. I saw your post about the latest podcast ep earlier. I haven’t listened to much of anything lately but I might have another listen while doing some knitting. :)) (For reals. :))

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      • Awesome!! I’ve spoken with a sound guy about some modifications, so hopefully in two or three months (that’s my backlog of podcasts, roughly), I’ll be able to publish a podcast that sounds crisper. 😅

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      • Well I listened to it, and I liked it as is. It’s very friendly and fun. 😃 Please take this positively, since it’s how I mean it to be… but I was super tired when I listened to it, and near the end I drifted off to sleep. 😅 But it’s because it felt very soothing and comforting. 🤓😆 I loved hearing about the colours of belts in Judo and Ju-jitsu (I think it was?), and how it was for Burt (I think his name is?) to take on a gal opponent and so on. Very very cool. I didn’t get to hear about the movie at all, maybe that happened while I was snoozing. But it seemed a bit like I was getting the real-life guy-talk version of it, with a bit of fashion thrown in… so all good. :)) 🙌😄

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