We knew early on that death was inevitable.

Strip all the machismo, all the philosophical tongue-twisting, and all the high-school-style drama off that simple fact, and we are left with the basics:  enjoy the moment, be considerate of others, pursue our dreams.  No matter how hopeless things are on the outside, stay light on the inside.  Life is a game—deadly serious sometimes—but a game nonetheless.

If we live a fearful, thoughtless life—a life where we do not pursue our highest aspirations and reach for fulfillment—we might as well be dead already.

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6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’ve been under intense stress for years. How can a person know, especially with all that has gone on in the world. I’m discovering that my anxiety is inherent. It’s not an excuse. But knowing a little more about humans, just today, I don’t feel guilty passing it on to my daughters, taking the opportunity I have to warn them. I can’t accept their blame, as my parents shouldn’t be expected to take mine. If we’re lucky, we can find out sooner than later. We should be taught this in school. I hope I can pull out alright. “High school.” I don’t think we ever leave it, do you? It’s just a bit more refined. The game is more hidden. But! By pulling ourselves out of the inherent loops, we might stand a chance at growing up.

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  2. True, to fear death is to fear the inevitable. It’s pointless and it does you no good. We all die eventually, as sad or terrifying as it sounds. So, make this life a best-selling story that even death will have a hard time putting down.

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