Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“You ever seen it?” Beta Male Bill whispers.  Light from the campfire glints off his eyes.

“I havent’,” Craven Cal whispers back.  His tin of beans lies cold and forgotten, a fork sticking out from its jagged top.

I don’t say a thing.  I too, have had my share of Kent Wayne nightmares.  My name’s Little Dick Larry.  Pleased to meet you.

“I used to be a goddamn king,” Bill laments.  “We Beta Males ruled the land, persecuting Kent for his giant wiener.  Now we gather around desolate campfires, recounting tales of woe before we fight off nightmares in our sleep.  What happened to us?”

“His luscious glans were too beautiful,” I murmur.  “It’s not that we didn’t stand a chance…it’s that we never even had one.”

“Maybe we can rise again,” Craven Cal ventures.  “We did it before…”

There’s a long silence.  We all stare blankly into the fire.

Finally, Bill mutters, “Maybe.”

I’ve toyed with these assholes long enough.  Time to let them know who’s boss.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

Arcane energy surges through me.  My muscles ripple and bulge, growing from spindly little strands into cabled, Kent Wayne rippage.  My wiener grows from a stunted nub into a big ol’ hog, dangling between my knees like an overripe eggplant that grew to prominence on a super-mutant vegetable farm.  It bursts from my pants in a giant undulation of veiny flesh.


Beta Male Bill tries to speak, but I swing my hips and neatly decapitate him with the head of my cock.  Cal turns and flees.  He makes it a dozen yards before I vault off the tip of my slobbering phallus, leaping high into the air and cutting an iconic silhouette against the glaring desert moon.


I land penis-first on Cal’s head, blattering his skull with the middle of my shaft.  The sheer force of it destroys his vertebrae and jams his head down in his torso—the top of his scalp is now level with his blood-ringed clavicles.

Trynna hound me for my low-hanging hog?  Don’t fucking think so!  That’s what you get, you goddamn bigots!

Kent Wayne wins again!  Ha HA!



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