I see my past traumas as unpleasant information that causes me to go one of two ways.  I can either become withdrawn and scarred, jealously guarding my comfort and security based on what I know has hurt me in the past…

Or I can use that information to chart a more accurate course toward what I want, based on what I know I DON’T want.  I can be MORE aggressive, MORE audacious, MORE accurate.  Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started KFC.  Steven Pressfield was over 40 when he stopped being a self-professed “loser.”  John Cash Penny (of JC Penny fame) lost almost all of his wealth at age 54 after the 1929 stock crash, staging his comeback to riches by borrowing against his life insurance policies.

To me, getting older is no excuse to stop taking risks.  It is an obligation to work toward my dreams with greater focus, better judgment, and less recklessness.

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26 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I still have trouble with being dejected. One was a close relationship. I also was the only person in my company that was against expansion, getting dragged into it, only to fail, putting us all on the street, figuratively, and certainly unemployable for the rest of our adult lives. No one in that company is working above customer service or restaurant management levels (the two highest). I’ve tried so many things and am exhausted. All the moving around the job market, secretly wondering if I’m going to lose this job or that has seriously jostled my once prided focus. Yes! I used to have amazing drive and focus. Some of it, more of it was due to the relationship I was in for those years. I was working for her. In recent years, I fell for a muse who brought back my creativity. I was already struggling with life at that point, so my stability and judgement was way off. I still have residuals of the paranoia I had, thinking I was being spied on. I want to succeed. I’m working on projects. I started refining one, then thought that I need a backup if it doesn’t work. So I find myself jumping desperately back and forth, racing with time because the lockdown isn’t going to last forever and I’m afraid I might not have a decent job and be forced back to work for the idiot bastard from hell. (I have worse terms but this isn’t my page 🙂). So I’m doing my kindergarten best with what’s left of my wits after years of psychological abuse, mostly self induced. Maybe I can be lucky and beat the clock before I have to punch it, if you catch my meaning.

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  2. Agree with all of this! We can’t give up just because we’ve fallen on our butts one too many times. I’m just now starting to figure this out and trying a different method of survival as I’m too burnt out on what I’ve been up to the past 14 years! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hey! I remember you from a couple of years ago, I took a break from my WordPress page as I was mostly writing short stories and goofing off. I’m back now and it’s nice to see a familiar face/blogger! Like your posts, honesty is the best way for me too, like me or not, it’s the only way to fly. I admire honest people. Will read some of your stuff later today, keep on writing!

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    • I listened to Gardening. You did a great job describing the thought process and fleshing out the character! I’m not sure what advice to offer; I don’t know much about voice stuff. Very entertaining!

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  4. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! I have written a bunch of short stories, mostly horror, and now I’m putting them to good use in videos, just for fun! I had no luck getting published anywhere, so I figured I will just bloody well do it myself, then. Hahaha. I don’t know much about voice stuff, either! I am just making it up as I go along. At least you didn’t think it was horrible, lol. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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  5. I could not agree more. It may look silly to the outside to begin seriously attempt to monetize my writing at my age. Yet with my age comes focus, patience and an ability to not take it all too seriously. Keep it up!

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  6. As a 62-year old retired racing rat, I look for inspiration everywhere, and on your blog I get it by the ladle! I am drawn to your unique, quirky (some might say snarky), pithy style. Thank you for stopping by my blog from time to time and appreciating my poems. Every time you like one of my poems, I look down at my genitals for signs of progress. 🙂

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