It is possible, I believe, to re-program the subconscious by consistently recognizing an undesirable/reactive thought pattern, then deliberately countering it with a desirable one, which will eventually replace its obsolete predecessor.

In this way, I believe one can destroy the collection of beliefs/tendencies that could roughly define the”self” or “ego” and turn a negative self-image into a positive one.

And when that happens, the subconscious ceases to block opportunity/amplify obstacles, and it aggressively presents you with avenues to success.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. There’s some strong support to the idea that a positive attitude can tip the scales in your favor for many facets of life: business; school; sports; etc. Programming successful habits and mindsets is what separates champions from the average.

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  2. Yes, I believe it is possible, important and relevant work we each must undertake to improve and succeed in our personal evolution. Question is: How did we get so fucked up in the first place? …😊 Mom? …Dad?… Mrs. Barnett from the fifth grade? I’m looking at you!

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  3. Plenty of people in this world are earning lots of money selling similar ideas.. It seems your time in the limelight is going to come soon

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    • Ha! I’m just having fun with it. As long as money lets me keep having fun, then great. If it does the opposite (as seems to happen to a fair amount of successful people) then keep it.


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