Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel


We are the apex of consciousness, the alpha/omega progeny.  Where we once lived on a blue-green mudball, we now wander the reaches of existence, unbound by flesh or causality.  The primitive notions of godhead and divinity make perfect sense—we have visited the past, and blessed our simian ancestors with a hint of their future.  Time is indeed a flat circle.

But now, we have come upon a hibernating consciousness.  A psychic kernel of freeze-dried mind, left over from the late twenty-first century.  This ancient curio is all that is left of the Eternal Mystery.  Once we breach its aetheroscopic shell, all will be revealed.

My name is Doctor Acosmic.  Psychogenic surgeon, at your service.

[Heighten syllogistics,] I order my disembodied assistants.  [Cut along the id, careful with the superego.]

[Yes, doctor.] they telepathically beam.  They follow my instructions with consummate care, peeling back layer after layer of petrified cognition.

[Doctor,] one of them warns.  [We’re getting close to its dyadic core.  It’s about to incarnate.]

I peer closely at it through my dream-woven meta-scope.  It suddenly hits me—I know what this is.

I know who this is.

[Stop cutting!] I scream.  [Abort surgery!  ABORT, YOU FOOLS!!!]

But it’s too late.  The sleeping mind springs open, unfurling in a blast of Bat symbols, squat racks, and medium-rare steaks.  Kent Wayne’s resuscitated consciousness glances around in clear puzzlement.

[This isn’t right…potential seems to have drawn to a close.  Time to restart existence.]  He withdraws an arcane eReader from his psyche, then opens it to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

I close my perception and sigh in defeat.  I can feel it happening all around me—reality unwinding, giving birth to all the pain and pleasure that allows for expansion.  Kent’s demented desires guide its path:  robo-suits, soccer moms, spicy sausages…





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