The essence of religious dissonance is a burning disagreement regarding cause and effect, and which labels to worship.

The ironic thing is our greatest minds have yet to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the causal foundation that dictates existence.

But one thing everybody seems to agree on (in their most peaceful moments), is that we’re all here for a limited time, and to see the good and potential as much as possible, so we can amplify that good and spread it to everyone around us.

And that, I believe, is the positive essence of religious harmony.

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The problem with humanity is its proclivity to build, believe, worship in hierarchical pyramid structures of religion and government, where a figure head or Supreme power dictates the rules down threw the ranks to the lowest levels. Where voice and free will is silenced under the weighted layers of the elites and autocrats, religious and governing. There is no harmony here. Never will be.
    I think indigenous peoples had things right with tribalism and egalitarianism. Or maybe I’m just on one tonight. 😁

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  2. I’ll agree with the idea that at the core of most humans lies a drive to do good and spread that which is good to their fellow humans. “Religious” and “harmony,” however, are two words I would not likely use together. I think we end up tripping over our own proverbial dicks when we try to organize an execution of this drive to do good and can’t agree on how to organize. Then we degrade into trying to prove who has the best ideas for this effort. That leads to forming factions and religions based on beliefs on how we should do good and spread that good. If we could figure out how to get past ourselves…

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