Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

My name’s Kent Wayne:  Eleven-Year-Old Extraordinaire.  President of the Chess Club, Commissioner of Hallway Monitors, and Regional Spelling Bee Champion.

I run my school, in other words.

But this is sixth grade—elementary-grade rules no longer apply.  Puberty has reared its ugly head, striking ninety percent of the student body.  Wouldn’t be a problem if everyone’s pituitary was on the same page, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.  True to stereotype, the most potent growth spurts have favored the least deserving:  upper middle-class, small-minded jocks who think that might makes right.  They’ll enjoy life for the next decade or so, but once they’re chained to a soul-killing job, rebellious brats, and a milfy wife that centers her existence around personal trainer side-dick, those very same jocks will beg for Ragnarok.

But ten years is too fucking long.  I can’t let primitive douchetards run amuck, dammit.  To that end, I’ve scheduled a planning session with my trusted lieutenant:  Maximoff Harkins (real name Timmy Powolski, but I’ve always wanted to work with an Alfred Pennyworth analogue).

I walk into the science classroom and flap a hand at its only inhabitant:  Mr. Jensen.  “Leave us.”

Jensen knows the score.  He taps a sheaf of papers on the desk, then gets up and leaves.

I plunk down in his chair and kick my feet up.  My fingers steeple beneath my chin.  “Harkins, we have a problem.  Fucking Jace Miller has assumed the mantle of Head Jock in Charge.  Might as well call him Chief Tormentor, because he’s making everyone’s life a living—”

A loud bang.  I bolt up from my seat, just in time to glimpse Jace as he kicks the door open.  As it swings back toward him, he checks it with his shoulder and strides in, trailed by a quartet of brainless minions.

“Well well well.  Look who it is:  Kent Wayne, the supposed king of sixth fucking grade.  Gimme your lunch money, nerd.”

I clench my teeth.  “Not a chance, dickbag.”  I throw a glance at Harkins.  “Get out of here.  You weren’t trained for this.”  He looks torn, but when I throw him a wink, he realizes I’ve got something up my sleeve.  He reluctantly slips out of the room.

Jace smacks his fist against his palm.  “Money or wedgie.  Your choice, geek.”

I roll my eyes.  “God, you’re a walking caricature.  Haven’t you seen a John Hughes movie?  At least try and be original, won’t you?”

He looks puzzled for a second, then reassumes his disdainful sneer.  “Enough with the fancy science talk.  Pay up, Wayne.  In money or noogies.”

“A John Hughes reference isn’t ‘science talk.’  It’s a pop culture—”

“RUAAAAAHHHH!!!”  Jace and his minions charge toward me, reeking of BO and mob mentality.

Fuck it.  No options left.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

Cabled muscle erupts across me, and I grow several inches in the span of a second.  My wiener grows thick and veiny, tickling the top of my kneecap with its substantive head.  My pendulous balls fill with sperm, swelling my sack until it resembles something akin to an exposed cat brain.  This is my body when I’m a thirty-something adult, I realize; when I’ve entered my prime and laid claim to my destiny.

Kent Wayne.  Man Whore and author, at your service.

“Jace, are you ready to go ho—”  Jace Miller’s hot-ass mom, Stephanie, walks in and stops short.  Her eyes wander up and down my hirsute body, growing to the size of friggin’ dinner plates when she spots my wiener poking out from my shorts.

“COME HERE, MAN WHORE!”  She sprints into my arms and we begin making out like horny high schoolers.  All moan-y and super slobber-y.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Jace’s expression.  His lower lip trembles as he realizes what’s happening.

“Mom?  MOM????”

He drops to his knees, clutching the air like Vader at the end of the third shitty prequel.  “NOOOOOOO!!!!”

Music to my ears!  HEH heh heh!




Are you a beleaguered middle-schooler who desperately needs to smack down the resident alpha-jock?  Never fear!

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