“What’s the meaning of life?”  That can be answered by exploring our tendencies and creating our own meaning. 

If we do this correctly, we experience fulfillment and the question doesn’t matter.

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4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. You’re right! Meaning is absolutely self-created, a solely human phenomena. And if we take responsibility for the creation of our meaning, we are empowered, energized, equipped to live. Sartre, I think, would have agreed.

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  2. Agreed. The meaning of life is not the same for everyone. It is an individual revelation-become-understanding that is unique to that individual no matter the similarities to others.
    I would contend that it is not a completely self-created/self-determined phenomenon, however. Despite the idea that the discovery of the meaning of life is a unique thing, I would argue that it is to a significant degree relativistic. The context of that relativism is reality and, more specifically, the reality of the individual.
    To discover the meaning of life takes both self-exploration (one’s tendencies) and an understanding of the world around the individual and how he/she relates to that world. I use “world” to be all inclusive of the person’s reality which includes all things – people, stuff, location, etc.
    And again, I agree. Once discovered, the question is all but forgotten due to the sense of fulfillment. The question is no longer necessary because of the answer… go figure 😉

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  3. In my opinion, we have meaning, purpose and reason. These three are related but shifted in time. Meaning seems like a definition, where reason appears a justification, but what is purpose? Intention is drive, and we use it to live. I’d go for purpose, and that is easier to answer. Yes, meaning is a self arrived definition, reason is an analysis, and purpose is what we aim to do. We strive to live a happy and productive life. Meaning is why.

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