Reading is a giant time commitment.  I’m asking someone to stop what they’re doing and devote their focus to my written instructions—instructions that hopefully engage their mind and their spirit, and give them a taste of transcendence.

That’s why—even if I’m just sending my stuff to a “beta reader”—I look it over again and again, and try to get every single sentence to flow correctly.  That’s why, on average, I cut over half my manuscript.

Because I’m asking for a hell of a lot of time.  And I want to be worthy of it.

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17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. A good idea is like a relationship. You can draw new strength, energy or hope from it and sometimes it feels like sliding through life on a wave of pure euphoria.
    But woe betide those who cling too much to this idea and give it no air to breathe. Like relationships, ideas must evolve over time, adapt to changing conditions, and explore new ways. This often requires some distance. Granting an idea this distance does not mean that one no longer believes in it, but on the contrary – one recognizes the potential and gives it the necessary space to fully unfold.
    Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the whole picture.
    Whenever I decide to delete a bunch of pages I wrote a few months ago, it’s because the main idea matured in a different way and my writing has to reflect this process. If something bores you while writing or re-reading it, why would it be different for a reader?

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  2. I love the way you think, and I couldn’t agree more. By asking for someone’s time, we’re asking for a resource they can’t get back, so making every minute count is the least we can do!

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  3. I have a hard HARD time asking someone to read my work but when I do and they get back to me, their comments/criticism/love just flow in the mss and make it infinitely better. You are so right! They deserve all the respect and gratitude you can muster up!

    p.s: thank you for liking my post and beginning to follow I Can’t Believe I Did This!

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  4. I really like your opening thought about the value of a reader’s time. As I tell my writing students: treat your reader’s time as more valuable than your own (borrowed from Writing Without Bullshit). Every time I make my reader stop to wonder what I mean (and not “in wonder” at my riveting prose) I take a chance on losing them.

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