The baser parts of us will rationalize actions founded on comfort (one more cheat meal, snooze five more minutes, watch one more episode) or self-worth (you don’t need to sleep because you’re a “beast,” you don’t need to eat because you don’t deserve it, etc. etc.) all in an effort to whittle us down into lack and deficiency.

If I have to use the cliched paradigm of “warrior,” I use it against this baser part of myself, because it attacks me on a constant basis, and has an endless variety of tricks and traps at its disposal.

For other people, however, I try and let my actions do the talking.  That’s another trick of the baser self—it tries to convince you you can change someone’s mind by simply haranguing them.  No one changes unless they’re ready, or the pain of life falls upon them. 

(In most cases, it seems, the pain of life MAKES them ready.)

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6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. “No one changes unless they’re ready, or the pain of life falls upon them.” Good observation. Adversity is essential to growth; it’s the selective pressure of our personal evolution. There’s a surplus of adversity these days, and it’s a shame no one’s capitalizing on it. Ever read Balzac? That’s what hardship (oftentimes self-inflicted) produces. It’s impossible to alleviate the suffering. All we can do is make it beautiful.

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