If existence is made of information, then effective communication becomes the most influential action you could ever take.  This works across all domains.  In comedy, you communicate a reason as to why your audience should laugh.  In war, you communicate a reason as to why the opposition should surrender.  In art, you communicate a reason as to why your audience should feel [emotion] or experience an insight.   

The act of achieving a desired result is dependent on correctly perceiving the alignment of information, and sending a crafted packet of data into its midst, so that a new, more favorable alignment will take the old one’s place.  This takes all the idea of worth, idealism, and dogma out of my life.

And it leaves behind play.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Actually, would it not be just the opposite? You would have to understand the dogma, worth, etc. – the context – of the information. In order to help perceive the alignment, I would think that context would be required, and it would be your understanding of that context to help perceive the baseline and the relative skew from the baseline. I would think that without both of those reference points, creating the proper data packet to get the desired change would be difficult at best.
    Now are you referring to the idea that the understanding of those things (dogma, worth, etc) does not necessarily mean being affected by them? Understanding instead of being affected could mean having the needed perspective. Understanding without being affected could leave only “play” behind. O_o

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    • Good point. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs, but I’m of the opinion that focusing purely on alignment with effectiveness harmony would let your perception move in and out of established dogma as needed, without having to necessarily understand it. The understanding would come and go dependent on the situation, dependent on whether or not your focus on harmony summoned it to the forefront. The baseline, in my speculative opinion, is ever-present, transcendent, and accessible by all. Dogma is an attempt to put words and rituals around that baseline, which, in my opinion once again, lowers the baseline’s accessibility and transcendent potential.

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      • No, I don’t think you’re splitting hairs. “The devil is in the details…” (some wise man or woman).
        I see where you’re going with this now. It’s not about those aspects being there. It’s about the usefulness of those aspects. If you have a good perception of the baseline information – the facts, I suppose, then the relevance of the other aspects is, for all intents and purposes, reduced at best, or non-existent.
        What’s funny, though, is the attempt to be in harmony with the “baseline”… the facts… is kind of a dogma in itself. I guess that’s another hair to split. Thanks for the conversation, DSFB.

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      • It’s all in the context, which is where you start approaching the transcendent (wordless) in my opinion. We can put words around the baseline, but it’s really a proving arena where the victor consistently demonstrates the greatest amount of long-term effectiveness (more words). People who tend to do that seem to reiterate the same messages repeated throughout the eons, but us dogma-loving humans love to make dogma out of it, lol.

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