If you’re honest about your desires and the reasons behind them, you can pick who you want to be like, who you don’t want to be like, and work out a rough idea of where you want to go.  But all that depends on being honest with yourself.

Without that, you have no idea of where to start.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So many directions from which to choose, but for what purpose would any choice serve? I’ve stomped on so many thingys (at times, and not always, meaning to) when I happily would do my own thing before. Haunted with my own anxiety and memories, I fear to act on anything without an external voice to guide me. I must be invited, provided direction and consult intentions, set free with periodic check-in to remind me in case I get distracted off track. If I’m not prompted, then my mind tends to think the thingy as not important enough to query on its progress. So, down the priority list it falls as choices are constantly presenting themselves.

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    • I think the answer to the first question requires a lot of work–a lot of introspection, analysis, and experimentation. Basically something along the lines of honestly assessing past behaviors, drawing conclusions, then trying stuff out. Using the feedback to draw better conclusions, then going through the process all over again.

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      • I am all planning and processing and find myself caught in a perpetual feedback loop. The immovable object and unstoppable force become frozen in time and space (though not place), until some word or whatever triggers me into gear.

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      • Yup, it’s me. And I’m a damn bitch, both hating and loving myself enough to do this at all. *you and I peer knowingly at the pinky sky balloon, breaking the 6th barrier the world never knew*
        Not like I can question my plans and intentions, I’d likely answer with some bullshit non-answer just because I think I’m funny. Seriously serious, eating my words doesn’t quite provide the right dietary fibre.

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