From what I understand, the idea behind the divine trickster (or destroyer) is to wipe away our trembling grip on our overly serious, overly revered idolizations, so we can see past those placeholders into the truly transcendent.

So it pays not to turn my nose up at anything, and see what is useful (what the divine wants me to employ at a specific point in this perceptually divided space-time continuum)—instance by instance, context by context—in everything.

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. First paragraph is something I haven’t thought about before in context of the divine trickster/destroyer but is really relevant to the Dark Night of the Soul about which I have been preaching in church lately. It’s an intriguing connection I will enjoy pondering for quite some time, I suspect. Thanks for that!

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    • Thank YOU for the kind words! Yeah, the Dark NIght of the Soul might be viewed in a positive light, if it is seen as an unpleasant intervention which forces someone to jettison their comfortable, toxic modes of being.

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      • I’m convinced of it. (And also that ultimately letting it “work” on oneself in such a way that that does become the perspective on it, is the only way for it to successfully serve that function. But yeah—unpleasant might be an understatement. 😁

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