The question is not whether I am a “good person,” or a “capable guy,” or an “awesome performer,” the question is whether or not I earn those titles every day through my actions, regardless of what temporary classification forms around me.

This is a way to reduce egoic considerations of what I think I might be, and direct this transient assemblage of flesh and consciousness (me) into a configuration that aligns with whatever free will I may or may not possess.

Musings, Volume 1, available on Amazon Kindle:  Musings, Volume 1

8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. labeling is always a precarious behavior.
    Actions, inactions, may have nothing to do with your value.
    Results are not actions. Results might be unrelated to you.
    Measurement of results can be very subjective.
    Your role may be causal or coincident.

    Self-judgment and other’s judgment have no bearing on who you are. Your self-conception is what you believe and what you base your life on.

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    • Good point. From what I understand about psychology and mentalism, humans think in narrative. They think of themselves as the main character in a story. That would be the closest functional approximation of what we truly are, because it’s the main causal filter behind our perception and behavior. As far as what we are in the definitive sense, who knows? I think the safest definition I’ve heard so far is a temporary idea, transmitted through a transient configuration of light and matter.

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