In an attempt to be humorous, I posted a pic of a nerd holding a lightsaber with a tentpole in his boxers.  ANY thing could’ve been causing it; nobody knows if he even HAS a cock!  (can’t be sure of anything nowadays)  Facebook, you gang of social media fascists, FIGHT ME!!!  (Or just remove the ban.  I’d actually like that a lot better. 😅 )


30 thoughts on “Just got banned for THIRTY DAYS FROM FACEBOOK! FIGHT ME ZUCKERBERG!!!

  1. What happened to, “If you don’t like it, change the channel?” It’s very tiresome having to be concerned about “everybody’s feelings”. I learned a long time ago that some people say and do things that I don’t like. But if whatever they are saying or doing is not directly affecting me, then it is my responsibility to myself to “change the channel” and ignore it. Some people might be okay with what I find offensive, so where do I get off dictating to everybody else what they should and should not listen to or watch? Unless there is a direct call for violence or other inappropriate behavior toward someone or a group of someones, then let people say what they want.

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  2. I’ve been off Facebook for over a year, and it feels great! I look around and see zombies constantly scrolling on their blue screens, and I’m glad I broke free. Now, if I can just quit Instagram (just as bad) and Reddit. Oh, and Twitter.

    Holy shit. Social media is the bane of modern existence.

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      • A Narcissist Smeared me on her blog with a bunch of lies and made-up stuff, so in my rebuttal Against her Smear Campaign, I posted evidence of emails telling me she was intending to “get to me in her own way”. She probably reported to WP, and they took it off. So, now I show evidence,but carefully without divulging private info. (Even though that is part of the evidence).

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      • I have two posts about it. One is titled: “Ensnaring The Narcissist”, and the other one is called: “Stop Picking on The Narcissist”.

        They can be found by entering the first word in my blogs Search Box.

        I only wrote these posts in regard to her Smear Campaign against me because I actually have lots of concrete evidence from many others where she has smeared and stalked them, too.

        She misquotes me in her Smear, twists words around to fit her own agenda, and blatantly makes things up surrounding the very few words that are even actually my own.

        My few posts about her Campaign are to prove, with concrete evidence, her words are fabrications against me, void of any truth.

        I do reckon it is from jealousy, as well as sheer instability.

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  3. I say, challenge the Facebook robots to a duel. You choose the weapon (your giant manwhore upcurve dick, of course). I dare say, (should your previous writings be any indication) you would short-circuit their wires. Let the soccer moms of the world all post a favorite dick-pic (yours of course) all at the same on Facebook. Guaranteed to stop the Internet.

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  4. You’re probably not spending enough money on advertisement. If you would be a PAYING customer, they would probably think twice before banning you for some ridiculous shit every time someone takes an offence on one of your posts.

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