One of the hardest, most useful lessons I’ve ever had to learn is that life doesn’t care about who I want to be or who i think I am.  Life responds to results, which are propagated through discipline, strategy, and occasionally, luck or talent.  Often, people seem to think they deserve results simply because they think they’re special.

I’m of the opinion that being special doesn’t matter.  I’m just going to focus on getting results.  Why worry about whether others see you as special, when you can act in a way where it happens naturally (being consistently disciplined and strategic), without intending it, and it becomes a complete non-issue?  You do the job, or you don’t.  And if you do it consistently, then you stand a good chance of getting compensated for it (in the long run).

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5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I wonder often at a glaring internal paradox within my being: I feel, at one and the same time, that sense of specialness, and in equal doses, intense self-loathing. I both feel entitled and unworthy in the same breath. Working through my first real life crisis the past year, I am beginning to learn that neither feeling is truly warranted. They are both echoes of parts of me that failed to develop, to mature.
    Your musings often hit a mark with my current transformation into a more mature and wise individual. Thanks.

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    • Thank you! And you’ve hit on the beauty of being human—we can step out of our identity and be multiple things at once. We—by weight of evidence—are the most adaptable animals on this planet, due to our ability to become the most advantageous iteration our bodies will allow. We were once hunter/gatherers, but now we’re scientists/soldiers/artists/etc. We can do this individually, as well as on a collective basis. 🙂


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