Musings, Volume 1

I wake from my slumber, only to see an unending stream of trendy bullshit flowing across my vision.  The latest offerings from overly ironic comedies, Kim Kardashian-style reality shows….

I clutch my head and scream in agony.  “NYAAAAAHHHH!!!!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME???”

A few feet to my right, a pair of douche-bros do a faux-gangsta handshake, hugging each other close and clapping each other on the back.  They bump chests and affirm their dominance with a few grunts of, “tha’s wha’s up,” as well as some cliche-as-fuck, sports-related victory slogans.

The lead douche-bro walks up to me, hands behind his back.  His smile couldn’t get any wider—not unless he was dosed with Joker-grade Smilex.

“We’ve rewired your neurons, Kent.  You’re now one of us.  A douche-bro.”

“Wait.”  My eyes flick back and forth in panicked tics.  “I’ve just graduated college.  That means I’ll be doomed to a slow death within a cubicle, stuck with a wife who’s getting pounded by her tennis trainer while I’m still at work…ungrateful brats who express their rebellion by posting pictures of their pierced genitals and refusing to smile…”

I was wrong—his grin CAN get wider.  “That’s right.  You threatened to seduce our moms with your handsome mug and ridiculously thick wiener.  Now you reap the whirlwind, cocksnack.”

“FUCK YOU!” I scream.  A bunch of his compatriots rush to my side, ready to hold me down and beat my ass.

No options left.  I reach into my pocket and open my eReader to Musings, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

The douche-bros’ mothers—all Soccer Moms of the highest caliber—burst into the room, grabbing my junk and stuffing a medium-rare ribeye down my gobble-noms.  Two of them begin making out with me, while a third one reaches into my pants and tries some butt-stuff.  Their avid lust instantly breaks the douche-bros’ programming.

“HEY!” I yell, slapping her hand away.  “Not on the first date!”

Meanwhile, the douche-bros burst into tears.  One word emerges from their horror-stricken mouths, first in disbelief, then in terror, and then in anguish:

“Mom?  Mom!  MOMMM!!!!”

HEH heh heh!  Kent Wayne wins again!  Ha HA!




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