Pride is based off the idea that “I” exist and that “my” actions possess inherent significance.  From a universal perspective–never mind an existential one–this idea becomes increasingly laughable throughout the eons and across cultures.

But the idea of doing the best with what I have…personally, I feel that THAT idea honors the possibility that my existence might have a purpose, and that clues to that purpose are embedded in my past experiences, as well as my present surroundings.

Even if my existence has no purpose, doing the best with what I have is still pragmatic.  It’s a way of simultaneously bargaining with the future and enjoying the moment.  It directs me toward superior outcomes, and also allows me to immerse myself in the glory of existing–without guilt, with full involvement, and with the ecstasy of focus.

I believe it’s the most practical way to live, but I also think it’s an act of faith.

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