If you can soundly argue you’ve done everything you can, then the next conclusion would be to refrain from worry, because it can only be detrimental from that point on.

There is literally nothing left to worry about.

8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I share a similar attitude. If I know that I’ve done all I can for a given task/situation, and the outcome/result is still pending (and dependent on other factors out of my reach), all I can do is HOPE for a good outcome. Hope can be a double edged sword in that you can also worry. I guess, though, to your point, that the worry has nothing to do with you or your efforts. By that point, it’s out of your hands.

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    • A negative outlook actually translates into an evolutionary advantage; it drives us to improve, because we aren’t satisfied with what we’ve got. But at a certain point, it definitely works against us. I think I inherited that same gene.😅

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