Maybe there’s no correlation, but when I finally admitted/forgave myself (just to myself) for my top 5 “darkest secrets,” my creativity kicked into high gear. 

My theory is they were taking up “processing power.”  Just to be sure, I made my friend sit there and listen while I told him what they were.  I suspect you don’t need to confess, because I felt nothing, and derived no benefit from confessing (I just had to make sure).  I only derived benefit when I originally admitted them to myself.  

In time, those secrets will die just the same as I, so why feed them with the life I still possess?  Why keep them alive until my physical death?


13 thoughts on “Musings

  1. 1. “wanting” Farrah Faucet Majors, 2. admitting that Disco was a true music form, 3. considering that life before blogging was better than afterwards, 4. admitting that: reading “dirty magazines” really did make you what you are today, 5. considering if all comments, such as this one, were worthy of posting!

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  2. If you go to the bottom of this issue, forgiveness is a prerogative of the wronged party. Otherwise you end up as those Italian mafiosi who confess their ugly sins to a priest, get absolved and return to business as usual. Repeat. They really believe they’ll go to heaven and have an absolute tranquil conscience.

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    • I was referring more to the ability to confront and acknowledge the unacknowledged events that direct current behavior. That’s the intent. In the example you’ve given, it would probably be in the vein of exploring the past and going into all the nasty, uncomfortable secrets that iterated into the crimes.

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