Regardless of my beliefs/suspicions concerning the underlying nature of reality, it seems that if I take phenomena instance by instance, without giving into the emotional whirlpool fostered by the idea that intangible forces are for or against me, then I am simply solving problems, advancing through levels, and enjoying the challenge of managing my energy.

In this way, life becomes an amusing game that honors our laughable insignificance–we’re tiny little specks, marooned on a mudball that’s hurling through infinity–WITHOUT wallowing in the cynical muck of unproductive nihilism.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Some mornings when I’m slow to get my ass up and ‘at-it’, I simply remind myself that this mudball is (pauses to slurp some coffee) racing around the sun at roughly 30 km/s (swallows) and never stops. So getcher sorry ass up, Seas !! (dang, drink the coffee AFTER getting vertical).

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