When I demand a constructive amount of discipline from myself, I find that life (ironically) tends to cut me a whole lotta slack.


10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. One of the main things I’ve picked up about your shared observations is that they are anchored by the (rare) understanding of the need for an ongoing checking of ones assumptions against current events, circumstances, the zeitgeist etc.

    Making sure that ideological ‘drift’ isn’t taking place when the comfort zone of ones personal ideas collides with ‘reality’, is for me the touchstone here; the process of thought that lets us ‘unindoctrinate’ ourselves from the relentless myriad waves of conditioning we’re subjected to from birth.

    oy, that’s dangerously wordy. My apologies..

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    • No problem! Ironically, that idea of constantly putting yourself in check is THE most functional mode of behavior that has endured over the ages, yet it’s SO HARD to do consistently! That’s why I think it’s always received fairly well.

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  2. Oddly enough, I feel like the opposite has recently happened to me. I decided to try and put a bit more focus on a project at work because I wanted to get the next stage completed. So, I set up a more disciplined routine this week to make carve out more time for that project. Within a day, I’ve got asking about the stage completion and that my answer for “when” might suddenly have an impact on other time lines about which I had no idea.
    Now, I WILL up the effort level giving me a chance of meeting the pending deadline (not communicated to me yet because I’m not sure they even know), but I am not getting any slack from life because of my application of more discipline. Whining concluded :-/

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      • Not condescending at all. Actually, I am trying to shift gears to come up with a strategy that creates/forces an environment that does encourage more communication and better planning. I’ve tried the “whining strategy” with this situation, but I get kind of a “sorry, but we didn’t see this coming response”. I know that can’t be true, but a lack of accountability in this culture allows for the current behavior that has resulted in this situation.
        But yes, I am trying to come up with an approach that sheds more light on the failings and reactionary way of things in a manner that makes the culture want to do better and become more proactive. This is just a tough nut to crack.

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      • Indeed. It requires an understanding of who you’re trying to work with, their base motivations, and how to phrase what you need in terms that will resonate with them. It requires an employment of logic and nuance. As always, effective communication is a major factor, as with any other communication or conflict.

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