Some of the most regret-laden folks I’ve ever met are those who never take chances and never take risks.

All in the name of avoiding regret.

24 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Very true.

    What if life, if not knowing your flaws? And if a flaw is worth more to eliminate, rather than to accept as unavoidable, then it should be better to face the fear, rather than to live with it. Many choose to live with obvious afflictions either to their mind and may take to the bottle or the drug in order to feel comfort. Sometimes, they may take to the parasite of a human being, who entices them only to worsen themselves, because they feed on negative energy. There are many people like this. Unwilling to take a risk, because, as you said, they avoid conflict to not comprehend right from wrong from their own perspective. They are scared to do so, because they believe someone will “judge” their actions.

    I say, “If the fight is worth the pain and the pain is never to subside, but you keep fighting, then dedicate yourself to the whole of your journey.”

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  2. So true! You got me thinking…

    Many of these people are the ones who shame us and mock us mercilessly when we do something they define as “failure”. To many of us, failure isn’t failure at all, but is really another successful step toward our goal. Small-minded people mock and judge. If we can push through all of the junk they project onto us, and stay focused on how we want out lives to be, we will not be part of that group who has regrets.

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