I’m out of Facebook Jail!

BerKoobershnitz Lompplewoggen!  For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been locked in Facebook Jail for the past three days.  I was engaged in a humorous exchange of memes with someone, and apparently I crossed the line when I commented with a pic that implied a stormtrooper was getting fellated by a randy Alderaanian princess.  No wiener was showing…hell, there wasn’t even a mouth!  It was just a lady kneeling in front of a stormtrooper, facing away from the camera.  DAMN YOU ZUCKERBERG!  FIGHT ME!!!  #StormTroopersToo


60 thoughts on “I’m out of Facebook Jail!

  1. Wow. And you seem like such a nice guy, too. 😉

    Unfortunately, social media is an operative of the whole politically correct “I’m offended by everything” movement, so you can be suspended or banned for darn near anything these days (and although some people have criticized me on social media, I’m still amazed I haven’t been banned).

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out why my teenage son’s been in Facebook Hell since the end of December. He got an email stating his account was disabled and I can’t get Facebook to respond to any questions, etc.


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  3. Damn. Where is Facebook jail for all of those people posting videos of themselves torturing animals or creating hate pages to target actual people? Oh, wait. It’s filled with people who posted irrelevant memes someone got butthurt about… >.>

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  4. I may be wrong in thinking this but this seems to be a feeble attempt of a mighty corporation trying to control what see and hear. They also get an inflated ego by thinking “We’re doing something”. This is also a perfect example of the medium trying to control the message.

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  5. They locked me out permanently because I had a pen name. It appears you are a victim of the Family Child Safety Committee Police for violating their community standards, whatever the hell that is … whatever they want. I had my stuff taken down in Medium, Facebook, and Pinterest.

    Apparently, I am not much of a family guy. Don’t tell the neighbors!

    You must be a real warrior dear one to get your account back. Very few ever do.

    When the private sector controls free speech, there is no free speech.

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  6. Facebook getting worse and worse. I’ve seen accounts getting heap tons of hate messages because of race or nationality but if one denounces them the answer is “It doesn’t break our policies”. Post something that is loosely related to sex (like a breast) and they immediately ban it.

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  7. I deleted… “deleted” Facebook some weeks ago – best desicion ever!
    Sadly I can only say “deleted”, since they Keep my Information, if I ever want to come back.
    Like hell I want to… not!!

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  8. Wow. They are really strict. I have heard, and please correct me if I am wrong, that someone can “jail” you on social media by just making a complaint. Unfortunately, because of the action of some horrid and nasty people on the internet others get caught in the “net” … pardon the pun. The lines of censorship are getting smaller and smaller. But Johnbarleycorn12 is right, not much missed.

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    • I think it’s generally a positive trend; people want to make sure others are being nice to each other, but we’re kind of in a rough transition. It’s all good–I trust it’ll all turn out all right.😊


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