I’m out of Facebook Jail!

BerKoobershnitz Lompplewoggen!  For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been locked in Facebook Jail for the past three days.  I was engaged in a humorous exchange of memes with someone, and apparently I crossed the line when I commented with a pic that implied a stormtrooper was getting fellated by a randy Alderaanian princess.  No wiener was showing…hell, there wasn’t even a mouth!  It was just a lady kneeling in front of a stormtrooper, facing away from the camera.  DAMN YOU ZUCKERBERG!  FIGHT ME!!!  #StormTroopersToo

127 thoughts on “I’m out of Facebook Jail!

    • Enter Facebook, mobile phones and the type of person in the community who thinks they are the epitome of moral righteousnessand, therefore feel obliged to dob in any poor bugger who is just trying to get on with his/her life without participating in the system too much. Believe me out here there is a real world!

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  1. Wow. And you seem like such a nice guy, too. 😉

    Unfortunately, social media is an operative of the whole politically correct “I’m offended by everything” movement, so you can be suspended or banned for darn near anything these days (and although some people have criticized me on social media, I’m still amazed I haven’t been banned).

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out why my teenage son’s been in Facebook Hell since the end of December. He got an email stating his account was disabled and I can’t get Facebook to respond to any questions, etc.


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  3. Damn. Where is Facebook jail for all of those people posting videos of themselves torturing animals or creating hate pages to target actual people? Oh, wait. It’s filled with people who posted irrelevant memes someone got butthurt about… >.>

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  4. I may be wrong in thinking this but this seems to be a feeble attempt of a mighty corporation trying to control what see and hear. They also get an inflated ego by thinking “We’re doing something”. This is also a perfect example of the medium trying to control the message.

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  5. They locked me out permanently because I had a pen name. It appears you are a victim of the Family Child Safety Committee Police for violating their community standards, whatever the hell that is … whatever they want. I had my stuff taken down in Medium, Facebook, and Pinterest.

    Apparently, I am not much of a family guy. Don’t tell the neighbors!

    You must be a real warrior dear one to get your account back. Very few ever do.

    When the private sector controls free speech, there is no free speech.

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  6. Facebook getting worse and worse. I’ve seen accounts getting heap tons of hate messages because of race or nationality but if one denounces them the answer is “It doesn’t break our policies”. Post something that is loosely related to sex (like a breast) and they immediately ban it.

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  7. I deleted… “deleted” Facebook some weeks ago – best desicion ever!
    Sadly I can only say “deleted”, since they Keep my Information, if I ever want to come back.
    Like hell I want to… not!!

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  8. Wow. They are really strict. I have heard, and please correct me if I am wrong, that someone can “jail” you on social media by just making a complaint. Unfortunately, because of the action of some horrid and nasty people on the internet others get caught in the “net” … pardon the pun. The lines of censorship are getting smaller and smaller. But Johnbarleycorn12 is right, not much missed.

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    • I think it’s generally a positive trend; people want to make sure others are being nice to each other, but we’re kind of in a rough transition. It’s all good–I trust it’ll all turn out all right.😊


  9. Facebook sucks! I had my page for about 3 weeks, years ago, and shut it down pronto. In that short amount of time everyone and anyone I had ever known crawled out of the woodwork. Many I couldn’t remember why I stopped hanging out with until they were on my page. “Oh shit! Now I remember!!!” And the worst? All the catty damn women I know arguing on my page, and I wasn’t savvy enough to figure out how to get their faces in bubbles off my site. “Blip” I shut it down and walked away. Not one tear fell, nor did I lose one moment of sleep over it.
    I’ve been in ‘real’ jail. I’d take that over the horror of Facebook any day.

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  10. I just got out of Facebook jail about a month ago for the 2nd time. Also over memes I posted. It’s what made me reopen my blog, which I had shut down 10 years ago. They can’t throw my blog in jail.

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  11. because i am churlish that way, let me be a voice in the wilderness for good manners and good taste. or maybe instead, help me understand how my day is better if the misimpression (as you describe it) of a storm trooper getting a blowjob from an Alderaanian princess is preserved. i’m all for free expression, but you are talking about something else. I suppose you should be free to post dopey stuff on your own time, but why is that a good idea? You never know whose reading and writing you off because of such posts, and sometimes other people do save us from ourselves. 😉

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    • To be clear, the blowjob was implied; it was really just the lady kneeling in front of the stormtrooper with a caption below. And I don’t believe the purpose of free expression is about making someone’s day; I believe it’s about allowing people to present all ideas for everyone to see and hear, so that the populace as a collective can engage in reasoned debate about which ones are valid and which ones are not. It is an encouragement for individuals to think critically, to articulate why they believe what they believe (thus sharpening their own thought processes and understanding of who they are and what they should work towards) and decide for themselves. To me, it is more than a question of good taste; it is integral to the foundation of a functioning democracy, as a democracy depends on a collection of individuals who think and decide for themselves, so they can bring the best parts of themselves to the process and highlight what is obsolete so they can engage in the hero’s quest of doing away with it. That process is sacred to me, which is why comedy should not be censored, and why the jester is the only one in the king’s court who continues telling the truth in whatever manner (s)he sees fit, and is traditionally obligated to do so. I don’t think anyone should impinge on that, least of all an entity who is beholden to commercial interests.

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      • you know what? I don’t disagree with a thing you say — especially the part about encouraging people to think critically by allowing people to present all ideas for everyone to see and hear. Where the locomotive disconnects from the load, for me, is in the assumption that just any old way of putting things will do. How can there be an authentic communication of *the ideas* if the mode of expression (a) neither demonstrates nor is justified by the idea itself (i.e., is gratuitous, possibly self indulgent) and (b) turns people away from engaging? It’s a dillemma. It’s also a discipline. Anyone who wants to get a point across has to consider where the audience is meeting them. On the other hand, nobody says a writer or a speaker or a film maker *must* be motivated by the desire to connect with other minds. 😉

        i joust because i ponder…

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      • True true. The writer can follow many motivations, but I think they’ll naturally connect with others if they push their self-expression as much as they can. That’s based off the idea there’s a universal core to everyone, and if a writer explores themselves as deeply as possibly, they tap a common core they share with others. 🙂


  12. To Vermonter: I have just returned from your site and I think, but am not confident, that I have followed and posted a comment on “Miss Moody.” It is also entirely possible that I failed. That said, I lived in Michigan for ten years and had llamas instead of alpacas. I taught English at one large public, one small private college, droning to anyone who would listen my mantra, “If I ever have to teach in high school, I’ll get out of teaching.” In 2006, I retired from thirty some-odd years of teaching English in independent secondary schools. Who knew? (and other favorites).

    Now, to business. I came to FB very reluctantly when I published my first book and my attention was called to the section in my contract, “What We Expect of Our Authors.” #1 “A presence on the social media. I stayed for two years, not sure I sold a single book as a result. In spite of my impatience with “Learn to Love Yourself” memes and political ranting on either side, there was one good result. A coterie of old students (many of whom are in their fifties) found me, and several lovely relationships have formed. One of them, a ranter on my side of the political fence but nonetheless a ranter, is also an aspiring writer and batshit crazy. I attempt occasionally to talk him out of the worst of the ranting, edit some of his writing, and secretly envy his frequent stays in FB jail.

    Keeping in mind that the desire to follow him behind bars is pretty much entirely a joke on my part, and I am with you 100% on good manners and my taste is impeccable, my student and I have begun a tiny amusement. I will see one of his ravings, note that all his followers are commenting as if it were the Rosetta Stone, and slip in to point out that his grammar is wrong, ore a paragraph doesn’t make sense, or worst of all, he needs to tone it down. I then flee the site of the crime and return later to see that the acolytes have, predictably, begun to clamor for my blood. Finally, he will appear to say something like, “You obviously don’t get it. Dean is my English teacher. She can say anything she likes.”

    I don’t watch television and am usually too tired or too cranked up after finishing a large piece of writing and playing on FB is my no-brain-needed distraction.

    And, in conclusion (since I am obviously writing an essay, I need a conclusion), my main activity on FB is posting articles from the New Yorker and the NYTimes. And hoping there is enough seriousness underneath the kittens and puppies for it to have an impact.

    I am very much looking forward to following you, Vermonter.

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  13. If the stuff you’re sharing on Facebook, is even remotely interesting; Get used to it 😉

    I’m in Zuckerberg’s personal kill file, unable to create myself a new account now on my third year, without being asked to verify my account with a “recent image”.

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  14. ARG! I curse Facebook jail!! I’m there right now. My crime? I posted a link to my own blog on my own account. That’s it. Oh, and the words “New blog post!”. The post in question was talking about a Harlequin imprint and how I might go to work for them. SCANDAL! Zuckerberg… don’t you like romance? Who hurt you? And why take it out on me? GRRRRRR!

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