From what I’ve seen, (s)he who consistently disciplines their inner monstrosity is usually an asset, and also possesses the highest capacity for good.

Conversely, those who refuse to acknowledge (and reign in) their inner monstrosity seem to tend toward ineptness, and in the worst cases, unchecked evil.

16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Something, something idle hands are controlled by the devil… ‘Tis true. Allowing your innermost aggressions and anger to remain buried and unacknowledged does not create good future situations. If you can make use of that “energy” for more constructive purposes, then you benefit from the extra available fuel for activity and prevent a more catastrophic release of that energy later on… been there and done that. My fuse used to be much longer than it is now. That was a bad thing for sure. Now that the fuse is shorter, there is far less “explosive” build up when it reaches the end.

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  2. I think the best approach is to find a safe place where we can take our monstrosity for a walk on a regular basis. Repression will only make it more rebellious and more monstrous. Give it a place where it can yowl and roar without bothering anyone and it will be friendlier when others are around.

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  3. As long as you are blissfully unaware or choose to ignore your inner demon, it hurts others more than it does you. But, the day you recognise your monstrosity and the damage it inflicts on the people around you, it begins to, consciously and subconsciously, affect you more. The first step to taming an inner monstrosity is, undoubtedly, acknowledging its existence. Unfortunately, the journey towards overcoming these demons can be a long one filled with shame, frustration, regret and self-loathing.

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    • Indeed. It’s the hero’s journey, I think. The hero is asked to expand their capability by befriending their own inner monster (whether it be in a large or small sense, like when Bilbo willingly becomes a thief after a lot of hemming and hawing) and increases their capability for good.

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