If there is some luminous presence that forms everything and destroys all semblance of separation in its unvarnished completion, then it would only make sense that as we jump from style to style, from insight to insight and declare one thing “better” than another, that these “better” things would inevitably disappoint us, forcing us to judge phenomena not by some illusory measure of inherent worth, but by the value of their application for a specific set of circumstances.  So that’s where the idea of “spirituality” and practicality meet.

Or to put it in plainer terms:  context is key.

24 thoughts on “Musings

      • I’ll lead if I have to. Don’t like it in general, cos unless you’re working with a bunch of badass individuals, there tends to be a need for a lot of micromanaging/babysitting, but goddamn do I hate being led by a bad leader. Which is why, ironically, I learned how to lead, even though I don’t care for it that much.


      • Eh. I am moved by the masses. So I tend to observe and evaluate before I make a move. I’m lazy and like to go the path of least resistance (for me). However, I am completely in the moment and often forget which objective I decided to complete first… I’m best at subterfuge and sabotage – without something to fuck up, I tend to do it to myself.

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      • I’m kinda the same way…somewhere along the line I found out that the easiest thing for me is to apply myself, so even though I work hard, it’s still actually because it’s the path of least resistance for me, subjectively anyway.


      • Yeah! It’s easiest for your particular skill set and capabilities, but doesn’t mean it’s easy for others. It’s so frustrating when stuff that people find to be quite easy are actually annoyingly difficult for me! LOL ugh

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      • Oh man tell me about it. I’m naturally kind of a space case, so paying attention to little stuff isn’t easy at all for me. (Maybe it comes with being creative). I can do it, and I can do it well, but it tires me out, and people are puzzled when I explain that.


      • I’m your opposite! I don’t really see myself as creative, but more re-creative… I just blabby blubber with words. Someone may capture a photograph with a camera, I capture a moment with words. And because I am a super dooper psionic spinster, I tend to bouncy bounce all over the place mentally, emotionally and at times physically. Like a fucking annoying fae or sprite. I am super shit at connecting my vignettes in any meaningful way, though. There is no narrative with me, I’m a meta-narratologist. LOL. Acronyms are fun and easy.
        Demonstro! SLR. I don’t slur my speech, I’m not a slushie or a drink. But I like to tease and titillate the tip of your thinker. I twist and twizzle your thoughts round my finger, like the hands of a clock, we can go over the same lines over and over again. But just try to catch me, I dare you. Life’s a game, and I do like to prey and make chase. I’m not a photographer, an I have a holey block of memory. I’m only in it for fun. I’m a teacher (what of?) Sporadic Leisure and Recreation.

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      • I’m sorry, that’s really rude of me… This is your blog so house rules should apply. Here, take them back. (I give you the power of the dick on the head) Now you’re a magical unicorn, again.

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