To have a decent chance at pulling off (and sustaining) greatness, life will ask us to endure monotony and discomfort.

Then it will ask us to strive for a transcendent state where the repetitive drudgery becomes a matter of habit, and then stick with it until it becomes an enjoyable ritual—to teach ourselves to love what we once hated (or to “have no preferences,” as Musashi once said) and forget about the reward, for it may or may not come.

It all starts with discipline.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Again I digress. For I have zero discipline and yet I am already there. Perhaps it is the direction, the trajectory from which you speak. There are 2 directions one may travel when the thing to inspect is but 1 dimensional.

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  2. Oh ny god this is so true you explained it so well . life can be bumpy journey until you gain a lisceence to be a good rider
    #Rhyming to that you a great writer 😘😝😉
    And i legit just had a moment when you liked my one of post the though of you having so many followers and likes but actually took your time humbled your self to learn more is so beautiful of you

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    • Thank you for the compliments! 😘(you looking at my Man Child pics? I try to keep myself in riding shape, LOL! 😆 )I really just try to say—in my own words—what seems to work and endure over time.

      Keep writing—I love that you started a blog and threw some stuff out there for others to see! I can only speak from my own experience, but at a certain point, the words came easier and it became more and more reflexive over time. Nowadays, it’s kinda like brushing my teeth for me.😄

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