Chapter 11 of Kor’Thank is UP!

LugBlog UlGoozleFace!  Chapter 11 of Kor’Thanks is UP!  Holly Dent continues her journey as an evil cheerleader trapped in a barbarian king’s body!  Check it out here:  Chapter 11 of Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 11 of Kor’Thank is UP!

  1. Wait. This is beast wars. I am in your head! I was working chronologically through time, I hadn’t revealed myself as Kortana as from the past one “has the voice of authority”
    Tim requested that my teachings/words be the first thing aliens see when they come to discover the ruin of our planet. Hah. I tried to tell people. LOL. Names. Labels. People and their damn fixed tunnel vision.

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