Poems of Love: Obsession

Happily accommodating Gunjan’s request. 🙂

Gunjan Sethi

If some day, I confess to you
My heart has no more love for you
Then believe me,
I’m a liar.

Every passing wind, will blow me a memory
Of how you’d look at me
Every breath, will bring with it a memory
Of how you’d smell
And if you ever truly loved me,
I’m sure you can tell
That I’m a liar,
When I say
These memories don’t feel like hell.

As you leave, you take away a piece of me
And I will always carry
A piece of you with me
If ever some day,
The winds blow harder than they should
And my breath feels like I need you,
Will you fight against me,
To love me some more?
Will you fight against time,
To heal, what’s become sore?

Because trust me,
When I say
There’s nothing I won’t do,
To love you the same way

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