I believe stillness and aggressiveness are just tools, not ideals. 

What’s infinitely more important is to perceive the nuance/context of a given situation, so it becomes readily apparent which mode—calm, aggressiveness, focus, a wild, last-ditch effort—will propagate harmony and serve your aims.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I won’t disagree with this assessment of applying behaviors as such. I am wondering, though, where character comes into play. It seems to me if you only apply these behaviors based on the necessity of achieving your task/goal, you might be sacrificing some of your character. I mean “character” in the context of a pattern of behavior that “suits” one’s persona… a pattern of behavior if you will. I’m not saying that patterns can’t/shouldn’t change, but I am suggesting that applying behaviors in a rational/logical behavior only as a means to an end seems to sacrifice some of the “color” in a person’s character. While it might achieve goals, what is lost? Sometimes it just feels right to be still or aggressive…
    I’ve always wondered if achieving complete harmony with the universe involves sacrificing self.

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