In order for me to get things done, it is necessary to create a behavioral hierarchy.  Certain actions take priority over others.

But in the eternal sense, the more I stretch time and culture into an infinite line that reaches out in either direction, it seems that individual actions give rise to results that are their polar opposite in terms of worth.  “Good” and “bad” flip back and forth, giving birth to each other in endless succession, until it is impossible to tell which action originated what result.  The polarity becomes an endless dance, an endless play, and the urgency of the quest falls away.  The only model of reality that makes any sense to me is that of an immersive game.

That’s the view that helps me sleep at night.

29 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Relativity is the key word here. You’re a God in your own universe, but your universe is a spec upon the lens of the reality. And good and bad are meaningless in this view; the only actions that count are those guided by dharma.

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      • Most of the money in our economy is created by banks. Actuaries forecast, assess, manage and advise on future financial risks and an actuary who is only an actuary is not an actuary’. When the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty ( Jalaluddin Rumi).

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      • I quote from no book and have memorised no one’s words in my head. I speak in cryptic ciphers, for words are the vehicles of “lighter than air” ideals. But I am a teacher so I will explain my thought process, my “mind’s eye” train. I was making note (by use of poetic metre) of the dualistic nature of life and existence. Using your handle, I interpreted your name as “crypto-” and “mathecian” that you work magic with numbers. I’m not a witch and get really uncomfortable with the term without a qualifier to temper the divisive associations.
        So perhaps to adjust the metaphorical entity-relationship nouns to your mentioned quote here. I am the wind, you are the sail. And through these 2 things (working together in harmony) the individual sea farer can open their eyes and behold the sublime – because existence is vast and beautiful, but its expanse is also terrifying and unfathomable. The duality… this contrast between “pleasure/pain” and “life/death” is what makes existence precious. Everything is a matter of perspective and how one choose to look at (any/all/none of) it.

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      • The ability to perceive the dualistic nature of existence and still have peace of mind… find your own inner balance and insight… well, I have said before that upon the shoulders of the tripartite (3 heavenly beings) sits the throne of “god”. Which really is just you as you are in the black behind your eyes

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      • I like that kind of thinking – it gives one hope that there is purpose to all the chaos. I don’t think we’ll ever know anything about anything for sure but it’s nice to hypothesize.

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      • Yep. I toyed with the idea that nothing matters for quite a while, but it is very useful to assume there is an underlying order to existence, because it’s very evident in our individual lives that things DO matter, at least for us as individuals. The tricky part is piecing together what works for you, as that is a necessity, since we are all different.


      • Philosophically I’m an absurdist. Nothing matters except what matters to you. You will never know everything, nor really anything, so fuck it. Everyone thinks they are correct and the other is wrong. Who cares. But do whatever makes you happy and feel fulfilled.
        Generally… do what makes you happy; don’t make shit harder than it has to be; everyone is trying to get by in life; do what you need to do, try not to suffer too much, try to enjoy the shitshow of existence all around.

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      • I would say most of our money is created by consensual trust. We trust the concept of money enough to trade paper for goods, which gives rise to a fluidity of exchange and cuts down on the complexity of bartering. Problems arise when selfish people try to undermine that trust by preying on gaps in people’s financial knowledge, like in the recession of 2008.

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    • Perhaps. And if you spoke to a Christian, the only actions that count would be those guided by Christ. But regardless of what doctrine you gravitate towards, what seems to endure is doing the best you can with what you have, being as nice as you can manage to others, and enjoying the moment, because in all doctrines, we as individuals just aren’t that important, we’re super transient and we should enjoy the moment because it’s going to pass.

      You do those things, and I’m of the opinion you don’t need to believe in an underlying order; you’re covered whether it exists or not.

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      • Manchild, you are man and child. Like me you never really gave up but merely learned to behave in public. You or I could be an overweight middle-aged reptilian hiding in the basement of your ex wife’s house and waiting your orders to… something some thing her linen press… But… yeah. Young at heart which is funsies! And a banging body? Flying-flirty-fingers of fate wiggle and waggle at your face. Whoooooo! Cast a spell on yoooouuuu.
        Why, are you a fisherman? You can’t catch this siren babelfish. I guess it depends on the location of your bay. 🧜‍♀️

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      • Hahaha. Oh my. I am a married lady. So the free porn? Sure! I love a good money saver deal as much as the grr next door. I do say that I don’t really use Facebook anymore – well, at all really. But I do have an account (i used it a shit ton then kind of stopped since the beginning of last year). I did sign up to Instagram though, and I could always sign in the Facebook. Spy on ya. I’m a pervert, yar mee hearty.

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      • Ooh dungeoneering. Have never mastered a dungeon before, even if I am a dragon-rider! Where is the entrance? Is there a secret password or special knock I need to know? I don’t want to look like an idiot in front of everyone, like what happened last time trying to get through the mines of Moria. 😕💍🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️🌋🤠

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