Episode #28 of Strained Brains is UP!

MuhGobbleFaced MerGoobleNertzes!  Episode #28 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!  This is part 1 of 2 where Doc and I go balls deep into the movie Birdbox.  Give it a listen by following the links on this page:  Strained Brains Podcast.

16 thoughts on “Episode #28 of Strained Brains is UP!

    • I’ll take it how I can get it, haha! Hope you don’t mind a short dude, though. I’m 5’7″ but because I’m yoked, I weigh close to 190. People often mistake me for taller, because I have a “big aura” apparently, if that’s any comfort. I feel totally confident bragging about all other aspects of my appearance that might be of concern. HEH heh heh!😁


      • Priapus! Omg! Long time so see. How’s it hanging babe, didn’t know you were Greek (in terms of deity). I’d shake your hand, or your leg – whatever custom you so wish.
        Wasn’t everyone like.. shorter thousands of years ago anyway? Shit dude, in terms of evolution, you must have start off the size of a gnome! (I’ve been a gnome. Sometimes that feels like it was lifetimes ago). Braggy brag, might ask you man on up and with me get jiggy with it. 🎵🎶

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      • Gettin’ jiggy with it! Na-na-na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na-na-na! *dancing and booty shaking* my anaconda don’t want none unless you bakin’ buns, son! Make sure to wear some mitts or ya might get burned 😀🌭

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  1. The people who were safe were the blind because blind people don’t see what’s outside of them, literally. They can hear and “see” the world through a different lens SO because the mentally ill were impervious to the bad side effects of whatever it was (I think it was Spawn or Venom) they think they saw it would be because they have a different perception than the “norm”. Their brains are wired differently.

    What I took from it was that those who were effected were people who couldn’t see the world any different. Tunnel vision. My initial thought was that they were getting the “virus” through media.

    Hence, if you want to survive, close your eyes. It’s funny to me that I say that because I am always telling people to open them but when I say that, I am saying “not all who wonder are lost”.

    After listening to your cast, I see what you’re saying about the politics of it BUT I think the message was much simpler.

    I enjoyed this episode.

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    • I have a similar opinion about the blind, but I go a step further in episode 2: it isn’t just the fact that they are able to block out what is readily apparent (which I think is commentary on the need to be more careful in this world of an accelerated news cycle, social media, and click-bait rife misinformation), but in order to survive, they have to rely on truthful communication, which is what also happens to be the attribute that cuts through the misinformation-addled world we live in.

      I would say that the mentally disabled in the movie are the small percentage of folks who are damaged at a fundamental level, and differ from the masses in that they are perfectly at home with destructive thought processes.

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  2. Also. Whatever the mystery monster is, it’s being forced on them. “Shoved down your throat”. Think about it. Ads, politics, religion. I think THAT is the thing you couldn’t quite put your finger on. The paranoia. “Look at it, it’s beautiful”, “join the world” “watch the news”, “let me check my surveillance monitors”, “I wrote the end times, it’s on the internet”, “make the end great again”, “listen for the birds” (tweet, tweet).

    I know I cannot get away from it. I am constantly being fed things I don’t want to see because when I do, the contents usually piss me off, make me scared, make me sad. Really all I am saying is that its an analogy for media.

    Now that I sound like a conspiracy theorist. I will go.

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    • Haha, don’t go! I enjoy your comments and I’m flattered you give it a listen. I think your opinion definitely holds water, but the specific choices I saw made by the filmmakers lead me to suspect that it is the militant left (and once again, to be clear, I am fairly left myself but not at the expense of a meritocracy or the enforcement of equality of outcome, which by necessity destroys equality of opportunity, which I am ALL for), such as the presentation of Gary as an academic, the path of the monster, the verbiage and behavior of the afflicted, etc. etc., that they are making a commentary against. I’ll release part II this Sunday, which will go more into it. Once again, thanks for listening! 🙂


      • I hear you. I am the same. It seems the core value of liberalism is mostly forgotten in the world where Progessive has become synonymous with Liberal. It’s always about having the choice, at least that’s what it is for me.

        On your point Idk. I will wait to hear what you have to say in part two.

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      • Not sure if me and doc go into it on part 1, but we speculate that the old midwife was a more traditional type of liberal, like a baby boomer hippie—less about imposing dogma, and more about open acceptance.

        I was also under the impression that the attackers who killed Tom had sent a deceptive communication through the radio to try and lure them, but i just looked on wikipedia and found no mention of it. (Huh…false memories are weird..) Anyways, I was going to use the example of deceptive communication—a contrast to the sanctuary’s employment of truthful communication—as a support for my idea that the movie is referencing Stalinist propaganda (or deceptive communication) which lured good-hearted folk into becoming either victim or oppressor.

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      • That’s interesting because I also picked up on the deceptive communication bit and you aren’t wrong. It’s inferred when Sandra says something to the effect that it’s happened in the past and is weary of trusting that this time it is legit.

        I am not recalling the midwife you speak of unless you’re talking about her obgyn.

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