Talent simplifies an activity.  Training simplifies it even further.  Critical thinking and honest assessment make sure it STAYS simple.

It is not simplicity I seek, per se, but the capability to render complexity into simplicity, and the humility to keep it that way.

18 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Everywhere you encounter a group of people who turn what are basically simple concepts into elaborate and difficult to understand language, implies you have stumbled upon a fortress mentality. It indicates a situation in which a group of people feel they are under attack and therefore refuse to listen to any criticism or views that do not fit with their own position and aims.

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  2. Most people seek relevance from simplification. Unfortunately, generalization does not always equal simplification, does not always equal relevance. To simplify a mathematical equation, one needs clearly-defined, common factors. To simplify calculus, one needs stable coherence. Life seems more like calculus to me.

    When someone proposes a simplification, I have to ask, “what elements of the complexity are not required?”

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  3. My view has always been that simple and complex are okay. It’s difficulty that sucks. Complexity, to me, does not have to be difficult. I understand that some things are just difficult, but what fries my ass is when people make things more difficult than they have to be O_o

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    • It’s tough. I think difficulty is largely a function of being willing to shift perspective so that the goal stays firmly in mind, so that the focus becomes finding the most effective strategy possible. I think many people become complacent about consistently re-examining their goal to see if it’s valid. They’d rather just pick a mountain to climb, and keep going even though it’s not a desirable thing to conquer anymore.

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