As we have finite time, it behooves us to be careful about which endeavors we choose to pursue.ย  This requires a clear understanding of one’s proclivities and limitations, and how our personal inclinations manifest into desires.

So one of the most useful practices we could ever engage in is to turn our awareness inward, and study ourselves.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The difficulties of this suggestion are formidable. What to look for/at, to define what you see/discover, to interpret the value/importance of what you find, to know how perishable/amorphous the observations are. These have been the challenges of even the most developed self examinations.

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      • “Journey” is the best metaphor. At each step, you are where you are, you can only see what you can see, the signs are there to notice and interpret before you take the next step. You may have to backtrack if you find yourself in the wrong terrain. Etc.

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