Echo 4 has been re-published with a second author’s note attached to the intro

Hello all!  Just wanted everyone to know that I’ve re-published Echo 4 with a second author’s note attached to the intro.  I’ll post this again tomorrow afternoon to let everyone know, and that should be the end of it.  Here’s the second author’s note:

*Second Author’s Note (added 12/9/2018): I’ve thrown in a few exchanges where certain characters display aversion or attraction to the idea of homosexuality or transgender people. These dialogues are meant to be thematic tools in which I emphasize a dualistic viewpoint in relation to a nondualistic viewpoint, depending on the character and how that character perceives reality. None of these scenes are meant to be a statement for—or against—homosexual or transgender people. I have met many awesome and badass homosexuals, and a few that I did not care for. I haven’t met any transgender folks, but I imagine they break down like any other demographic: the majority are great, and a few not so much.

I’m kind of exasperated that I have to state this outright, but I understand we’re living in a turbulent time, and that disclaimers and redundance are often necessary in a time of turbulence. So apologies in advance if you find any of the dialogue offensive. It was not my intention to condemn or champion a specific demographic, simply to use the idea of sexuality to underscore the themes I’ve woven into this story.


3 thoughts on “Echo 4 has been re-published with a second author’s note attached to the intro

  1. I hope people haven’t been giving you grief over your fiction work! I totally understand words have power, and being a member of the LGBTQA+ community, I know they’re used to attack us, but I really hope you’re not in turn being attacked. Haven’t read Echo yet (shame on me), but I feel that the line between fictional worlds and the views of the author do need to be more clearly defined.

    Have a great day!

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    • Thanks for the support! No, I understand—LGBTQA+ folks have endured a lot of trauma, and it doesn’t just go away in a generation or two. I actually think in the long-term, all the turbulence now is a symptom of a good thing, it’s just there are small bumps in the road here and there. It’s more important than ever to have sound, well-thought out logic behind a sentiment, to honor the intent of wishing the best for all, and to be civil and accommodating. I think that’s how all of us can keep productive and humane lines of communication even in the most heated disputes, or the most turbulent of times. 🙂

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      • You’re welcome! And you do have a point. I understand people lashing out on others out of fear or the conditioning we sort of go through (everyone else will hurt us – which sadly has been the status quo for quite some time). I think it’s growing pains in the relations between the LGBTQA+ community and the rest of society – we both have a lot to learn. Hopefully in a generation or two further we’ll both be more mature and able to have the conversations we all need. One can only hope.

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