In my opinion, if everything is there for a reason—all my limitations and abilities, all my triumphs and failures—then it naturally follows that the ultimate act of faith would be to do what I can with what’s in front of me.

The challenges and tasks in front of me, after all, would have been placed there for a reason.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yes!! I love this! For me, the reasons are for my mental growth, and the understanding of this world in which I live. Struggle, achieivements, loss, pain, etc. Living is about everyone! Great post!

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    • It’s not that hard to go online and see some truly senseless situations. But along with the adversity, I’m boggled by people who are able to overcome way tougher stuff than I’ve had to go through, so I figure doing my best with what’s in front of me is simply the most sensible option. For me, anyway. 🙂

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  2. Everything IS there for a reason, but not necessarily some mystic/spiritual one. The shoes lying on the bedroom floor are there because that is where I left them. The car wreck I witness at the intersection is because I showed up at the nearly the same time the event occurred. The wreck itself was due to someone not paying attention to the light cycle (or trying to run the light). The “out of the blue” career opportunity… well… how was I there at that particular moment with that particular person who decided I was worth asking if I’d be interested in working in that industry? Like I said, not… necessarily… mystic/spiritual. But taking action and making decisions are always a combination of mundane and faith. You only have the information and resources in front of you. You only have the instinct, intelligence, skills and experience that your life has provided up to “now”. I don’t think there is any human way to have everything needed to make the right decision and/or to know the perfect action to take. If you had the perfect resources, there would not be any challenges. You would already know what to do and how and when to do it. So, even the most mundane of tasks/challenges require a little faith… faith that you’re not going to be hit by a bus when you cross the street no matter how well you’ve looked.

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    • I suspect that everything is there for a reason like you say, but when I punch my perspective out to encompass all of existence where time is a construct and causality is called into question, I can’t say for sure. What does seem the most apparent is—as you say—dealing with things in front of me will lead to a higher probability of a positive outcome.

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