Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Huh?  Whuzzappening?  Last thing I remember is Martha Stewart handing me a drink of—


The world hazes into focus.  I’m in a room lined with funhouse mirrors;  their distorted lenses reflect my hogtied, ball-gagged body back to my terror-widened eyes.  A link of gleaming chains hangs from the ceiling.  It’s hooked into the shiny leather harness that coats my torso, suspending me several feet above the floor.  My arms and legs are arched back, knotted together with high-tensile rope.  Emerging from my buttocks is a glowing, pulsing dildo.  It’s capped with a She-Ra sword hilt.

God DAMMIT!  I’ve got ONE tattoo—a tramp-stamp that reads EXIT ONLY in giant red letters, but no one pays ANY FUCKING ATTENTION TO IT!

“MMFF!!  MFF!!”

The door creaks open and Martha walks in.  She reaches behind her and shuts the door with deceptive gentleness.  

“How are you doing, Kent?”  She walks up to me and unclips my gag.  I open my mouth to scream but she slaps me twice—wh’pap SMACK—with a forehand/backhand.  She places a straightened finger against my lips.

“Shhh…shhhh…”  She reaches into a belt-mounted treat pouch, produces a biscotti, and jams it into my mouth.  Then she grabs my lower jaw with her prison-hardened hand and forces my jaw to work up and down.

“How does it taste, Kent?” she whispers.

Tears stream down my cheeks.  “Oh God…DELICIOUS!”  It comes out as, “ORR ROD…DEFIFOUS!”

An evil smirk settles onto her face.  “Of course it does…I’m Martha Fucking Stewart.  We’re about to get nuckin’ futz up in here, Kent.  After we’re done, your asshole’ll make the Grand Canyon green with envy.”

My teary eyes widen—to the size of fucking dinner plates.  With a herculean effort, I manage to swing forward and headbutt her waist.  My jaw scraps against her pocket, pushing her phone out.  It clatters across the floor, opening its eReader application to Echo, tapping into reality-shifting powers beyond our ken.  Magic flash.

Martha Stewart arches back, roaring furiously as eldritch lightning arcs across her.  In a few seconds, she’s morphed into my latest singer-crush:  Christina Aguilera.  (Goddamn—I LOVE the music video for Candyman!  😀  )

Christina undoes the sex-harness, removes the dildo-sword from my trembling buttocks, and scoops me up in her arms.

“Poor baby!”

“I can repay you,” I gasp.  “I possess a very particular set of skills—skills that make me a godsend to people like you.”

She raises an eyebrow.  “Yeah?”

Kent Wayne—massive-membered Man Whore at your service!  😀

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