The  pursuit of pleasure has led me to misery, and so has the pursuit of toughness.  It’s the levelheaded pursuit of fulfillment and results that gives me a true sense of peace, and lets me rise above the fickle tides of cravings and whims.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I too am a victim of my striving for pleasure, but in the true sense of things, I’ve denied any pleasure that comes of it. Some might point to me and say, “Poor fellow, what is his story?” I might reply, “It was a woman in my past, who I pursued for pleasure alone, but she won out in the end, by marrying me and making me her husband!” Some might have pity on me, while others might say, “Got what he deserved, did he. Should’ve left the touching to others, while he just admired her virtues from afar!” I would have, but the curtains on her windows were just too darned thick, I guess……….

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    • Clarity of intent, or brutal honesty. I consistently strive to keep my perspective by asking what will bring me the most pleasure in the long run? Immediate gratification or discipline? I’m not saying one or the other is bad, but being honest enough with introspection and figuring out what I truly want is how I can decide between one or the other with full acceptance.


  2. I read somewhere that it isn’t life itself that creates one to feel “happy”, but rather, what you said. … fulfillment. Having and knowing his or her individual purpose is the root of it.

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    • Indeed, and sometimes it’s counterintuitive; our feelings might lead us astray, which is why it really pays to study oneself over time in an objective manner—what conditioning do I need to impose on myself to reprogram an undesirable instinct or response?


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