The way I see it, everything is formed from a 14 billion year old expansion of energy, rendering the paradigm of “natural/unnatural” into an illusory misconception.  There are plenty of things in “nature” that can destroy us or drive us to insanity.

I prefer a less dogmatic set of terms:  harmonious and inharmonious.  That way, I can draw from “natural” and “unnatural” alike, fulfilling my intent of experiencing fulfillment, hopefully propagating it outward to others, and across time as well.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Humans have the language they created for themselves. The perspective is as egocentric as can be. “Natural” and “unnatural” reflect this. The use of “natural/unnatural” is also common in cases where what we humans expect is natural and divergence is unnatural.

    We could argue that anything “nature” abides is natural, anything that defies the “laws of nature,” is supernatural. (Supernatural is a different, separate discussion.)

    The distinction is better served by identifying “naturally occurring” vs. “synthetic,” events/substances as those that are crafted by humans through manipulating “nature.” Television, automobiles, polyester, hybrid corn, and Coffeemate are “unnatural,” and synthetic.

    This is a useful distinction which implies we can make as much of this event/substance as we choose, even when the natural occurrence of the same or similar event/substance is erratic or limited. It also does away with any stigma that would reduce its usefulness or value.

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    • I’d actually argue that we humans, as inextricable pieces of nature, simply give rise to more nature, so in my hierarchy of definition, all television, cars and synthetics are all nature; they’re unavoidably comprised of and iterated off of the atoms that came from exploding stars which came from the big expansion. A less dogmatic view, I think, is whether or not they propagate harmony and stability, because animal populations, though natural, can still destabilize and deharmonize. Examining things instance by instance, context by context, eliminates the need for any absolute truth implied by the division of “natural” and “unnatural.”


  2. I’ve learned about the Universe. The Universe should encompass everything, but then why didn’t they teach me that at all of the Universities I failed to get a degree at? Then there is the Universal Toilet Seat. It should be one that fits every toilet, but that is just another misnomer trying to cause panic among those thinking they’ve finally found a Toilet Seat, they can sit comfortably upon, while they are contemplating the mysteries of the Universe, The University, and the Universe Toilet Seat! And those facts didn’t take me 14 Billion years to figure out, but it might have helped me put that paper on my wall showing the rest of the world, that I didn’t just waste my time trying to get a degree for nothing……

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