New Episode of Strained Brains is UP!

If y’all didn’t know, I was marginally involved (basically attended a seminar two nights a month where I listened to people speak about a syncretic blend of religious mysticism) with what I strongly suspect to be a cult (I’d need to launch a thorough investigation before I made that judgment).  As the years pass and I hear more and more anecdotes, my suspicion grows stronger.  My podcast co-host, Doc Free Monk, was heavily involved in this organization, and he absolutely believes it to be a cult.  In this new episode of Strained Brains, we discuss Renee Linnell’s memoir “The Burn Zone,” which details her deep, DEEP involvement in this organization, and the trauma she suffered at the hands of its leadership.  Hopefully we’ll get her on the podcast soon, and we can do a deep dive into the subject matter.  We go over her book in Episode #22 of Strained Brains.  Come give it a listen by following the link:  Strained Brains podcast.


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