My idea of detachment is to be able to kick ass at life and walk away from the ensuing praise and glory.

It seems that most people’s definition, however, is to run away from the hard work of kicking ass at life.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So, it’s about getting the job done and the sense of accomplishment from that versus the praise and pats on the back? I tend to agree. I won’t deny that getting some acknowledgement for the work and results is nice, but what I appreciate more is when folks come to me to get the next job done. That reinforces my own positive assessment of and sense of fulfillment from the work I’ve done more than any public praise.
    That apparent lack of desire to be praised for a job well done might appear to be detachment, but…

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  2. I’m a huge fan of Stoic philosophy, and one central teaching is to cultivate non-attachment to things, and even people.

    I’m always happiest when I can express gratitude and yet not have posses something.

    Great thoughts! Keep up the good writing and thinking!

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